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Calories in a McDonalds meal

Lets add up the calories.

The daily calorie intake for a male to maintain the same weight is about 2500 KCals and, a woman, 1800 KCal,

Now lets work out the calories in a mcdonalds meal. so..

You go to McDonalds and eat a supersize meal. The calories are listed below.

Calories McDonalds Big Tasty   804 Calories    
Calories in McDonalds Large French Fries   486 Calories    
Calories in McDonalds Large Coca Cola   226 Calories    
Calories in McDonalds Smarties McFlurry   327 Calories    

You will have eaten a whopping 1842 KCals - Just as well you didn't have a McDonalds Strawberry Milk Shake (506 K Cals)!

That amounts to 1842 KCals in one meal.

If you had two of these in a day, you would put on weight unless you were doing a load of exercise like <3 hours of racketball or squash to burn around 1400 Calories>.

Fat Content of a Mcdonalds Meal

Also, the amount of fat, 83 grams, and Salt, 2.44 grams, can create health problems too.

So, as I'm sure you realise, quick meals don't mean quick weight loss and a Mcdonalds meal sure is stacked with calories and fat.

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